Radiate 30 Day Slimdown

You want to feed your family healthy foods, but it’s hard to find the time to research what’s really best. You want to detox your home from harmful products, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve already made some healthy changes, but you’re not sure what the next step is.  

Then, my friend, you’re in the right place! I’ve spent the last 10 years learning everything I could about living the healthiest life possible (while still living in the real world), and I want to share it all with you.  

Toxic food and toxic products are truly damaging our health. It’s time to take charge of your family’s health and make sure you’re living your happiest, best life. 

With Radiate 30 Day Slimdown you’ll:

  • Learn what foods are causing weight gain
  • Start healing your gut
  • Sleep better
  • Lose weight (especially the belly fat!) 
  • Decrease inflammation, gas, and bloating 
  • Increase energy 

If that was all Radiate 30 Day Slimdown did for you, it would already be an amazing course, but there’s more. It will also give you clear, radiant skin, healthier hair, decrease your stress, cut your sugar cravings, clear your brain fog, and give you more peace and happiness.  

But on top of all that, you’ll also feel less joint pain, get rid of the constipation, feel better about yourself, and get rid of the mom guilt once and for all!  

How can one program possibly do ALL of these things, and in just 4 weeks??  

It’s simple. All these issues are rooted in the same cause, and it all boils down to what we put in and on our bodies. Unhealthy food and harmful chemicals (yup, the ones in your makeup, lotions, etc.) can wreak total havoc on our bodies.  

How do I know? I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at just 26 years old and also had adrenal stress in my late 30's. This sparked a 15 year journey to find true wellness. I am now a certified holistic health coach and love helping people find the root issue of their weight gain or pain. It was when I cleaned up my diet, healed my gut and eliminated stress that I really began to feel truly well, and now I want to empower women everywhere to heal their lives like I did.  

So I created Radiate 30 Day Slimdown. This is a 4-week course designed to help you achieve true and lasting wellness so you can live the life intended for you; so you can reach your goals, enjoy your family, and feel your very best. This is not about deprivation. It's about teaching you a lifestyle you can sustain,  

When you join Radiate 30 Day Slimdown, you’ll get:

  • A grocery list of approved foods
  • Sample meal plan and what your plate should look like
  • Meal planning and prep education
  • A proper guide to cycling your protein and carbs for optimal weight loss
  • Tips and tricks to heal the gut, eliminate inflammation, rev up thyroid function, and reset adrenals
  • A supportive online community  

I’ll also teach you how to do an elimination diet so you can really dial in your nutrition and give your body what it needs (and stop giving it what it doesn’t!).  

Register now and save $50! Reserve your spot for $149, and start your journey to true health. We begin January 29th!

Do it for your family. Do it for yourself. Do it for better health.